How to Sync IPv6 to Cloudflare

How to sync IPv6 to Cloudflare? Well, you’ve found here the right page.

The use of IPv6 on the hosting account will make the data transfer process faster and more effective. Moreover, IPV6 also guarantees more secure data exchange.

Well, if you also use Cloudflare, connecting your IPv6 hosting account with Cloudflare will also optimize the security of your website. So, when a DDoS attack occurs, your website becomes more protected.

Well, then how do I sync IPv6 to Cloudflare, huh? Come on, just take a look at the complete guide below!

IPv6 to Cloudflare Sync Guide

There are two ways to sync IPv6 to Cloudflare that you can do.

First, sync upfront when integrating Cloudflare with your hosting domain. The trick, just add the AAAA record when reviewing the DNS configuration.

Second, for those of you who have integrated Cloudflare with hosting, you can follow these 4 steps to sync IPv6 to Cloudflare:

  • Activating IPv6 Hosting Account
  • Accessing Cloudflare’s DNS Management
  • Adding AAAA Records
  • Deleting A Record

This article will explain how to sync IPv6 to Cloudflare which is already integrated with your hosting. So, here is the complete guide:

This article will explain how to sync IPv6 to Cloudflare which is already integrated with your hosting. So, here is the complete guide:

  1. Activate IPv6 Hosting Account

For users who already have a domain, you can easily activate IPv6 through the Member Area. To do this, click the Manage Hosting button on the hosting service for which you want to enable IPv6.

Then, select the Details tab on the Hosting Settings page. Then, click the Enable IPV6 button to enable IPv6 automatically on your hosting.


Wait a few moments until the IP appears on the hosting detail page as follows:

now your IPv6 hosting account is active. Please copy the IPv6, as you will be using it in the next step.

  1. Access Cloudflare’s DNS Management

To sync IPv6 to Cloudflare, you need to login to the Cloudflare panel first. If you have entered the dashboard page, choose the domain name of your website. Then, go to the DNS menu.

On this DNS Management page, you will see a list of DNS configurations for your website like this:

  1. Adding AAAA Records This step is the main step in how to synchronize IPv6 to Cloudflare. You need to add AAAA records to the DNS configuration.

Just like A records, AAAA records function to map domains or subdomains, the difference only lies in the type of IP used. The A record uses IPv4, while the AAAA record uses IPv6.

To add an AAAA record, please click the Add record button. Then, fill in the following three fields:

  • Type: change to AAAA
  • Name : fill with @ symbol for main domain
  • IPv6 address : enter the IPv6 hosting you copied in the previous step

If all the fields are filled in, don’t forget to click the Save button to save the DNS record.

  1. Delete A Record If the AAAA record has been added, then you can delete the A record because it will no longer use IPv4. To do this, please click Edit on the A record, then click the Delete button to delete the record.

until here you have successfully synced IPv6 to Cloudflare. Now, the AAAA record containing IPv6 has been added and the A record has been deleted.

Later, the DNS configuration in your Cloudflare will look like this: #picture


That’s how to sync IPv6 to Cloudflare. Apart from aiming to replace the limited number of IPv4, IPv6 is also important to help prevent downtime when linked to Cloudflare.

In contrast to IPv4 whose website cannot be accessed if there is a DDoS attack as protection, a website with Cloudflare’s IPv6 synchronization will remain online and can be accessed even if it happens.

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